Did I forget to tell you?

“Forget – Oh something we all do either on purpose or on accident. In my case it’s by accident.”

There’s a reason I haven’t posted since May, as you all would of read I was in the midst of planning my wedding. And I’m now very happy and so relieved to tell you I am officially MARRIED.  

I did it, I put on my sexy gown, strutted down the aisle, said “I do” in the all the right places, and become someone’s wife.

Let me tell any future brides and grooms who will be reading this, weddings are stressful. You may at first think you’re handling it, no you are mistaken, you are not handling shit.

It’s okay to cry, before and after the wedding, when you realise you have to take all your stuff home with you. So the shed that has become full for two years with crap to decorate the venue with, and was clear for one day, is now full of crap again! Go me! 

 You do crazy things when you’re married, like we’re now lovey dovey…we use the phrase ours an awful lot and when you go to the drs and call your new name and you just sit there thinking what dumb bitch signs in then leaves…until you remember you are that dumb bitch and so you awkwardly go “oh so sorry it’s me your calling..sorry I’m recently married” then the dr goes ahhhh and nod like it’s nothing new. 

Or the other crazy thing you can do is get your hair cut off…. I got my long hair cut off because it was the worst. Constantly getting in my way. Being too long to do anything with. I’ve been told it’s a newly wed thing….