The 4am Get Up Look.

“Looks – majority of the population are obsessed with how they see themselves”. 

Let’s be real here, I get up at 4am I am not going to look like a beauty princess. An image of sophistication. The fittest bird out there. Or a goddess. No what you will see is a one very tired woman, who is up before the majority of the population, struggling to find the energy to put clothes on.

There has been days where I want to go to work in my pjs, or sleep in my clothes the night before and put a bra on the next morning.

Just lately what’s been winding me up, is these beauty tutorials that are “everyday make up” that takes 30 minutes.

How’s about we drop the bullshit and you give me a look which I can do in 5 minutes.

I am not one for going all out on make up, I have a broken foundation brush that is 7 years old!!! 7 YEARS!!! I am not replacing that, I use it once a month, it probably feels cheated it got stuck with me.

Through thick and thin, I will not buy a new brush.

Through thick and thin, I will not buy a new brush.

Below is a picture of my make up collection, and I have no idea what purpose half of it has!

I am a massive fan of No7!

I am a massive fan of No7!

I use about three maybe four of the entire contents of my collection. And yes majority of it is No7, its the only make up that doesn’t make me flare up and make me look like a clown!

You go Boots! Keep rocking my world and take my money!

I’ve even got this liquid eyeliner, which I paid way over the normal price for and I just know I’m not going to use that, I can’t even do winged tips. It’s just there so people think I use make up.

I even use a eye crayon which I got from the Clothes show three years ago and I haven’t sharpened it once!!

I don't own a sharpener! Ooops.

I don’t own a sharpener! Ooops.

So I’m going to do my make up in the five minutes I have, use my two year old mascara’s add a little water to keep it going, and wait till christmas for my brother and partner to buy me some more. Because let’s face it, I’m not going to buy some more anytime soon!

All you need to get this look is:

Some form of foundation.

A brush to dab it on.

Mascara/s ( I have to use three as none of them have any in!).

Bronzer or blusher (whatever your face looks like it needs).

The vaseline is for my lips, got no time for lipstick, and lip gloss wears off.

The vaseline is for my lips, got no time for lipstick, and lip gloss wears off.

Here is the finished look, no time wasted or worrying about getting those fine lines done.



Oh and my hair, I curled it yesterday, and just fingered it today to make it look like I actually done it.

Also ladies, if you wear glasses expect your mascara to be all over your lenses, because you never look like they do in the pictures.


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