Getting wedding ready skin!

“Skin – you either have super flawless skin, or skin that is covered in spots. There is no in-between. “

I suddenly decided in my crazy bridezilla moment that I would love flawless looking skin.

Hahahaha never gonna happen. I know that, you know that, we all know that!!Β 

I am one of those unlucky souls who has skin that will be lovely for week, then out of nowhere I get smacked in the face with spots.


I’m like, why do you have to be such a total bitch to me? I drink lots of water everyday, I eat okish….okay i eat awful, I love junk food too much. But still I moisturise my face everyday day to achieve ultimate moisture.

Come on, these products never work!!

Currently I’m using Nivea 2 in 1 cleanser and toner. What the bloody hell is toner? And why is it so important to my face?

Someone help me, what is this?

When I go out buying this stuff I want to know will it keep the spots away? Will it make my skin feel smooth as a babies bottom?

Someone help me what does this stuff do?

I’m just a bride, a woman, a novice at beauty who would like to know what can she use to get rid of her spots and give her nice looking skin?

For now I’ll settle looking amazing with Snapchat filters!

Snapchat filters winning my heart forever and always!


5 thoughts on “Getting wedding ready skin!

  1. Hey have you tried Liz Earle cleanse and polish? Also I found that toner (I used Simple and Clinique toners) actually made me break out as it’s apparently quite harsh on the skin.

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