Writers block, hungover & wedding stuff

“Honesty – Where someone actually tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

I’m going to be truthfully honest I’ve had writers block since Wednesday, I’ve had ideas but they go when I start typing.

Like byeeeeeeee! 

Oh look there they go, flying to destination no where.

If you could be in my mind that would be lovely.

I’m also a little delicate, going out for a family meal yesterday led to two bottles of wine and plenty of plans.

Plus wedding planning is getting to a vital stage and I’m a little stressed, so a few drinks were needed.

Brides you will get to the stage where you’ve been good with eating, your dress still fits, you know you look hot, so you treat yourself to some chocolate, and what happens?

“Oh if you eat that your dress won’t fit you”

Erm yes, yes it really will, I just need sugar to keep my energy up, and I’m a women and we have cravings.

Cravings where we want to eat a whole block of chocolate in one sitting. Oh how I love those days!

How’s about you stop telling me that if I eat one more piece of chocolate…, and actually pass me the damn block!

Bloody hell I just want to eat the bloody chocolate, without a whiny voice in my ear. I’m like how’s about you stop eating for me then. See how you like that.

I’m not even sorry for finishing this pack.

I have made sure for 12 months that I eat well, I am more than allowed to eat a load of junk food for two days straight.


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