Laundry Problems

“Laundry – We all have dirty laundry but who an earth loves to do the washing?”

When you are very comfortable in a relationship you let certain things slip. Like how your other half doesn’t take the cups out and uses a clean one!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? JUST TAKE YOUR CUP OUT WASH IT UP AND RE USE IT.  YOU IMBECILE.

Or  when you automatically play out an argument in your mind over who is going to do the tea, when in reality we all know it’s you.

After 6 years I’d like to think I know my partner pretty well….I really hope so, I’m marrying him in like four months.

One thing that is annoying is how we got a laundry basket in our room, and yet its like he is blind to putting his dirty washing in.

It’s right there, when you walk out the door and come in the door. How can you miss it? It’s a big cream woven basket! I walk into the bastard thing everyday!

It’s simple for me and I know it is for others, we take our clothes off, put them in the basket, job done!

Nah, he just drops his clothes on the floor and leaves them there. Evidence below (and yes I say evidence because believe it or not we argue how the washing doesn’t get put in the basket). Ta dah!

It’s right there look!

To be exact the washing is a total of 84cm away from the basket, yes maybe I’m a sad women who has nothing better to do than measure the distance between the dirty clothes and the basket. But it needs to be said.

What annoys me even more, he has to walk over that pile to get to his desk and to get into bed!!!!

Why can’t you just pick it up? It’s right there. Just a small 84cm away.

Where is the logic in this?

Not like its a mile away.

I may have took things too far, but its needed.

Great use of his post it notes.

Goodnight all!


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