Braces, Bowties and losing my shit.

“Losing my shit – Phrase commonly used when someone is so close to going crazy”

Why hi there everyone,

I discovered this morning, being a bride can make you go slightly temperamental…

Feel like the time is right to go source the page boys outfits, I know what I want, I will find them. Trust me I will.

This was two weeks ago….but I have found the outfits. Totally lost my shit in the process. Who would of thought it was so hard to find matching shirts, shorts and bow ties and braces.

And making it even worse why do companies charge a fortune for kids stuff?  When in reality they will wear it for a day….if we are lucky and more than likely roll around in the grass with it. Which is perfectly fine, kids should be kids and allowed to run free…(I totally know there are parents out there, laughing saying I don’t have a clue) you are correct I don’t have a clue, and won’t have a clue for a long time. So enjoy.

Sourced the bow ties and braces off eBay for £3 a pair. Bargain!!! Then lost my shit when the shirt didn’t go. Just keep breathing. You know you get to the stage and you start saying I’m fine so many times, no one believes you.


FYI all brides and grooms Matalan is the place to be for page boy outfits! Got the shorts for £7 a pair! Amazing!! And white shirts for £4 a pack!! Ha even better. I’m amazed two shirts for £4!! Just wow!

Of course the dog wanted in on the action with this task. So I obliged.


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