It’s a Disney socks kinda day

‘Disney – Everyone and I mean everyone loves something Disney related’

It’s one of those days where I’m exhausted, hungry and a little delusional. Okay I’m very much delusional and would like to sleep for a week.

I’m at the stage where I really can’t be arsed to find matching clothes, my hair, well we may as well accept nothing more can be done. We’ve had two days of hot weather and my hair has decided it loves to be frizzy and wild. I used to be frizzy and wild but then I got a full time job, and had to adult on a day to day basis. 

The reason to why I’m delusional and beyond exhausted?

Screaming lunatic in the night. My partner decided he would love to have a nightmare which led him to scream in his sleep, startle me awake, scare the dog shitless that she started barking, then somehow the guineapig felt left out in the chaos and decided he would squeal in delight at my misfortune.

He does that a lot. I’m 99% sure he doesn’t like me.

So now I’m sitting on my sofa in my Disney socks, just staring at anything, hoping food will appear in my lap, and my bed will call me for a long hot date!

My Beauty & The Beast socks are the best thing ever and make me feel like I can achieve anything!





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