Messy Confetti Making

“Confetti – Stuff people throw at you when you get married to celebrate and to kind of ruin a brides hair”

Brides on a budget this one is for you.

So many venues now are asking for bio degradable confetti, which basically means you need to get flower petals.

Searching online you will see these are quite expensive to buy so I am doing my own confetti.

Right now is the best time to get collecting those pretty petals.

Blossom is falling off the trees like crazy!

FYI it’s get everywhere….and I mean everywhere.

I spent my weekend getting up, close and personal with blossom trees and the pavement.

Yes that was me, a crazy woman and her mom brushing blossom petals off the floor and putting them into a bag, whilst cars were speeding past.

No fuks given. 

The excitement of collecting petals made me feel like I was child!!

Once you collected shit loads of petals, you then will need a big air tight box to put them in.

You will also need to find a nice, warm cosy spot so they can dry out!

Now I’m impatient and can’t wait anymore!

Hurry up and dry you little petals!!


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