Things People Say To Brides To Be

” Things – You know just stuff”

When I first got engaged three years ago, I constantly said I wont be this bride who gets stressed out….hahaha how wrong was I.

I’m finding more and more people are asking the same questions or saying particular phrases.Now there is nothing wrong with these phrases, as I used to say these all the time to Brides, now I’m actually going through this experience, Im avoiding these at all costs.

  • Oh you going to eat that? Don’t you have like a dress to fit in to? (Well actually yeah I do, the dress fits so hows about you go swivel). 
  • Oh wow, you’re weddings is in like 12 weeks, yikes that’s come around quick (yeah please do keep giving me a countdown, obviously my calendar is doing a shit job).
  • So have you got everything sorted now? (I should hope so the wedding is is just over two months away).
  • Wouldn’t it be better to keep the theme all one colour? (Erm well we thought about it and you know what we like it the way it is). 
  • I think I can come to your wedding, but I’m not entirely sure. (How interesting, thinking is great but knowing is even better).
  • Is it okay if I can bring a friend? (I looked at my guest list and your friend isn’t on there).

  • So have you got your dress? (Nah I’m going to go down the aisle naked because I’m one of those brides who want to be different….you freak!)
  • I think, you need to get a new make up artist, theres marks on your face…(That’s my freckles you dumbass).

There is so many more I could type all day! But I’ll save it for another day!


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