Migraine Problems

“Migraine – Definitely one of the worst things to ever experience”

I have suffered with migraines since I was child and let me tell you they are the devil. If I was religious I would be doing all kinds of cleansing rituals in hope to get rid of them.

You could be fine one moment and the next you are in a dark room for days.

This morning I got up, received a text to say my New Look order is on its way. I got very excited as you do there are some bargains being delivered and what do you know, there it is a migraine.

Oh hey, I’m here to ruin your day, so enjoy this concoction of a throbbing headache which will not go away, a little dab of sickness and a pinch of sensitivity to light. Whoops almost forgot the numbness to arms and face, and your sight. Yes I need that…you don’t.

Clearly a work of art.

If you are a regular sufferer you can not do any of the following, as these pose a risk of setting the bastard things off:

Get so excited you may pee. 

Be happy.

Be sad.

Get crazily angry. 

Get so stressed out, you can’t breathe.

Laughing so much you wee yourself. 



Literally you can not do any of them, just be neutral. Keep a straight face and feel no emotions.



Just straight face. 

For my wedding I will look like the most miserable person ever, just because a migraine may attack at the slight glimpse of happiness.


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