Forget Valentines When’s Pancake Day?

“Valentines Day – A day for everyone to tell their significant other half just how much they love each other, not like the other 364 days in the year matter”

Ah so the day of love is upon us, and I have to say I don’t celebrate it.


Simply put it, I don’t need one day to tell my other half how much I love him, when I’ve been with him for almost 6 years and I’m happening to marry him in 5 months time. If he doesn’t realise I love him by now, then why an earth are we getting hitched?

We say I love you everyday and why does today have to be any different? My feelings for him don’t alter for one day, they have always been the same since day 1. If anything I love him more and more each day.

Now what I’m waiting for is PANCAKE DAY!!

Give me those luscious sweet pancakes, with lemon, strawberries, chocolate the lot. Yummy! I cannot wait!

Everyone loves pancake day its the best!!!!!

I can always vouch my love for pancakes and will happily celebrate that with pleasure!!

Only 6 days to go!!!!

Stages Of A Common Cold…

“Cold- A very, very, very silly viral disease, which British people can’t cope with”

I’m one of those people who can’t deal with a common cold. Currently still suffering with mine, but I’m gonna make it.

It’s funny because, on these cold and flu adverts, you get a image of guy or a women severely struggling. Then they have a sip or take some cold and flu relief tablets and it’s like they have instantly been cured!

What a load of bollocks!

I tell you how you it goes:

  1. The sniffles, your nose suddenly becomes a tap, that cannot be turned off. Before you know you’re drowning in tissues!
  2. Itchy throat – Ah yes, the “it feels like I haven’t had water in years” this is generally the part you say “Oh god I have a cold, where is the medicine?” in a desperate attempt to stop it.

Listen, if it’s in your system, it’s too late. You’re going to feel rough.

3. The aches – I hate these so much, it’s like I did an extreme work out at the gym everyday for a week. Lifting a pen becomes a struggle!

4. Full force sore throat – It’s landed. There’s no hope for you now, just crawl into bed, drink some day nurse, or night nurse and sleep. Sleep for days. I literally didn’t move from my bed for four days!

5. The annoying wont go away cough – I’m at this stage! The tickly cough that just loves to happen at regular intervals for no apparent reason, whilst at the same time annoying everyone. And I mean everyone. There’s something irritating about a person who constantly coughs, and let’s all admit we all think ” just shut up, shut up, shut up, stop coughing now, have a drink, get some air do something other than cough germs out” 

My least favourite part of a cold, the fever. You’re too hot so you strip off, eat ice lollies and open windows, then your so cold you’re wearing 10 layers in order to gain heat.

Dont worry at some point there is light at the end of the tunnel, and just remember it’s okay to feel rough.

It’s also ok to admit you can’t open the child safety cap off the medicine.

New Low Or Comfortable?

” New Low – The lowest of the low, almost unthinkable, definitely cringe worthy”

Now this post may make some of you laugh, and some of you cringe.

If you’re the cringe worthy type, please proceed to grab a bucket and be sick, whilst reading this.

So let me set the picture for you, it’s a cold dark night and I’m lovely and toasty in bed. I roll over and wake up to feel the dog by me (or so I thought).

In my mind I’m thinking “Awh so sweet she must be cold and trying to get warm”. I reach my hand deep into the covers and stroke my beautiful dog Bonnie for a fair few seconds.

It was only until I realised I was stroking my partners belly hair!

How does this happen?

She's too cute

She’s too cute

Belly hair!! That’s right, hair growing out of his stomach! And me, I stroked that!

Not once, or twice, not even three times, I stroked it a fair few times.

When did I become so comfortable in the relationship to not be freaked out by this?

It’s gross right? Stroking my partners belly hair like its the dog. Of course I wanted to laugh but couldn’t because I would of woken everyone up.

It’s potentially a new low for me and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

But I just can’t stop laughing! It was a very humorous moment.