New Low Or Comfortable?

” New Low – The lowest of the low, almost unthinkable, definitely cringe worthy”

Now this post may make some of you laugh, and some of you cringe.

If you’re the cringe worthy type, please proceed to grab a bucket and be sick, whilst reading this.

So let me set the picture for you, it’s a cold dark night and I’m lovely and toasty in bed. I roll over and wake up to feel the dog by me (or so I thought).

In my mind I’m thinking “Awh so sweet she must be cold and trying to get warm”. I reach my hand deep into the covers and stroke my beautiful dog Bonnie for a fair few seconds.

It was only until I realised I was stroking my partners belly hair!

How does this happen?

She's too cute

She’s too cute

Belly hair!! That’s right, hair growing out of his stomach! And me, I stroked that!

Not once, or twice, not even three times, I stroked it a fair few times.

When did I become so comfortable in the relationship to not be freaked out by this?

It’s gross right? Stroking my partners belly hair like its the dog. Of course I wanted to laugh but couldn’t because I would of woken everyone up.

It’s potentially a new low for me and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

But I just can’t stop laughing! It was a very humorous moment.