Summer Outfit For A Wet Britain!


I know I have said this loads of times before, that I aim to write more and I don’t. I’ve been so busy, with my new job, planning my wedding and getting used to 4am get ups.

Over the weekend, I have had the pleasure of been asked out for a meal to celebrate my brother in laws 30th birthday. For the first time a long time…and I mean a long time, I decided to put some make up on and wear a dress. Since working full time, getting up at 4am I don’t usually care about my image. (Who cares about image anyway, can’t change the way I look. I was born this way).

So for this meal I wore a round neck maxi dress, boasting a beautiful tropical print from Newlook. This dress has elasticated tie waist, which i found extremely comfy having a bit of a secured fit. I loved how it has a touch of elegance with a small key hole button fastening to the rear. Overall a comfy dress, ideal for everyday wear or a occasion. The only downside to this dress, is there was no room at the bottom and I did at times felt like I was walking like a penguin…waddle waddle. If you are a sewing goddess then adding a slit to the side should be a doddle. If you are not that practical like me, then any good seamstress could alter it for you.

I completed the outfit with brown buckle fastening sandals from Primark for £6. As always I love a bargain and was pleased to have picked up the maxi dress for £13.49 instead of the marked price at £17.99. If you hurry you can still pick up this beauty for the sale price now.

Overall cost of the outfit is £19.49. What a bargain!

22 years old and going grey. Who cares.

22 years old and going grey. Who cares.


Holiday clothes – Jumpsuit!

As promised here is the start of my holiday collection. Since the weather has been a bit cooler today I decided to start it off with showing you all my jumpsuit.

I’m not normally one to wear jumpsuits reasons being is I think they don’t suit me, they never look right when I do wear one. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to talk about them as there is millions of us out there wearing them.

So as you will see below this is my Jumpsuit from Matalan for a fantastic £20 with 20% off as they were celebrating their birthday. Happy Birthday Matalan!



I’m still really undecided with this weather it suits me or not. But what I can tell you that its amazingly light! So it won’t add any extra in the suitcase. I love the material its  a silk, the design is just me. Very vintage style. I’ve noticed a trend if thats what we can it. More and more I’m seeing pockets added to everything, skirts,dresses,jumpsuits etc etc. It seems to be new craze! Very handy of course!

This a V-neck in a kaki floral print, with a key hole opening at the back. Very good for the money and highly recommendable. I’ve tried to accessorise it with a chunky necklace but will try adding a belt to it to see if it makes any difference. Again I will be sure to let you all know!

Let me know whether you think this is me or not?

Holiday Season!

Gosh where do I start?

It has been manic these past few months and I’m chuffed to say I’ve got free time again to focus all on this fashion blog.

Keep a look out towards the end of the for my Holiday Season special. In my previous posts I did promise you all my collection for my holiday which I paid just over £100 for.

I’m so excited!!! 

I want you fabulous people to get involved and comment below what is your favourite summer holiday clothing. Let me know where you got it from and how much for? Whether it be under £50 or over we all deserve a treat now and then.



My China Bargain!

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of ordering clothing off Ebay from China. Lately on my Facebook news feed I have seen lots of women ordering wedding dresses and dresses off Ebay from China.

So I then thought how bad can it be ordering from China as before all I heard was nothing but bad press. Stories of people not even receiving their items or being sent something completely different or it doesn’t fit.

I’m off to a charity ball in October and dress code is pink so I decided to order a long ball gown dress from China and I only paid £5 for it. Thats excluding postage, for that I paid £4.80.

I got told the dress will come in a month and within 2 weeks I had received the dress and I was amazed. The quality was fine granted I may need a under skirt but I already have one so no more expense. The length is PERFECT!!! And I mean perfect I’m a 5’6 girl with long legs so I need something that will stay long. The sleeves are 3/4 long and have a lace effect from the hips up.

Not to mention the size is brilliant I’m in between a size 10-12 depending on the clothing and where I get it from. I ordered a size 12 just to be sure and it fits brilliantly.

So before I carry on here is the picture below!




Let me know what you think 🙂

Wedding Party!

This weekend I was invited to my friends evening party after their wedding. It such a lovely night and the first dance is one everyone will remember.

For once I didn’t have a clue what to wear but thanks to my faithful Newlook I found the perfect outfit.


Wedding Party.

Wedding Party.

The dress was £15 in the sale. Unfortunately I can’t find the link to the dress so I’m going to assume It’s and in store only. So go grab it while you can. The dress was really comfy and was the perfect length!  I loved how the sleeves were just lace and 3/4 it was the perfect touch . It was great how it was fitted too.

The shoes were £17.99 in a nice nude colour with a gold strip on the side. What made these shoes have the wow factor is the ankle strap. It was a nice touch to the outfit. Bonus is that they didn’t rub or hurt my feet *happy me*.

Overall, I felt I didn’t need to wear much jewelry so I dressed it with a Pandora charm bracelet.

Coming up…


I will be showcasing my holiday wardrobe where I’ve had over £300.00 worth of clothes for only £100. Kerching!

Your say Summer Special Part 3.

To finish this wonderful sunny weekend I now present to you my final summer special as voted by you.

I have gone for a long floral pencil skirt. This is from Matalan and is currently £12 even cheaper as you get an extra 10% off at the checkout! Kerching! Floral is in trend at the moment which is why i wanted to find something that would appeal to those trend goers. It is multicoloured so is really simple to match it with anything.

As seen the picture the cami top is black.. But i decided to stick with bright summer colours and gone for a coral colour. You can put a long sleeved top with it or even a crop top. The top is £6 but remember if you are a student you can always use your student discount card.

Nice and simple this time total cost is £18 leaving me well over £30 from £50. You can’t get any better than that.



Your say Summer special part 2.

For the second post i have chosen a dress from H&M. The weather has been rather grand in the UK at the moment so this is the perfect outfit for those beer garden sessions.

If you are going away this summer and want the perfect dress for a walk on the beach, then this orange coloured sleeveless dress is perfect for you.  It is short at the front but longer at the back. Around the neck it has a decorative gold metal fastener. Currently  at £14.99 it is a fabulous price.

I’ve paired with  an online exclusive leather style sandals they have decorative textured straps, and fasten around the ankle for extra style. They only come in a light brown colour but they are easy to pair with other clothing. These are also £14.99 so well worth the money.

In total the outfit comes to £29.98  leaving me with just over £20 change out of my £50 budget.

So enjoy the summer sun and grab a bargain.

The whole outfit is from H&M.

Sunny days.

Sunny days.


Spring/Summer dresses

Spring/Summer dresses

Wow, wow and wow. Newlook is selling dresses for spring and summer for only £10!!!

This is such a fantastic offer you really can’t afford to miss it! Stock up for those summer nights out! Remember if you are a student you also get your discount off that £10 so it be even more cheaper!!

Please note that the shoes in the picture are not £10 I put them in to see what you could wear with the dresses.