The Equivalent Of Nesting

“Nesting- Generally known as going all crazy with cleaning just before a baby arrives. “

And no mom or dad I’m not pregnant before you get all excited!

So all of you have heard of new moms to be, go into nesting, where they start cleaning before the baby is due to arrive. Well today I done the wedding version of nesting and organised everything wedding related!

The sun was shining, so I took this rare opportunity to go into the shed and start putting everything I needed into boxes.

This is really helpful for brides who are doing their own table centre pieces as you can just allocate a box for each table! Like I have done below!

Organised boxes, quiet mind!

Organised boxes, quiet mind!

Three hours later and I have seven boxes filled with all the items I need to make the perfect table centre pieces.

Beautiful cups and saucers, log slices, books you name it I got it!

I would love to show you all the real deal, but I can’t yet as it’s a secret shhhhh.

But for now you can enjoy and ponder with this little snippet!

Oh so pretty! You no have!

Oh so pretty! You no have!

I’ve had so much fun playing with everything, I didn’t realise I have so much stuff! Which is absolutely fine as I’d rather have too much than too little!

Anyone for afternoon tea? Why not I have enough cups and saucers for everyone! 

No filter needed for this beauty!

No filter needed for this beauty!

I feel so relaxed, and well organised!

Just not feeling it…

“I’m too tired to think, let alone plan – Me”

If I’ve learnt one thing from planning a wedding, its that it’s okay to not want to plan. It’s perfectly okay, to say “you know what sod it, pass me those chocolates and wine”.

Because what is the point of planning a wedding, a event which is all about you and your other half if you are going to hate organising it. It is after all your day, and you are supposed to enjoy it.

There will be days where you just want to make it all wedding related, and you will go crazy over the slightest thing. There will be days, when you decide you no longer want that shade of colour for your table sashes, but instead baby pink is the one! There will most definitely be a day or two…maybe a month where you say I can’t plan no more, just leave me here to eat my weight in chocolate, chinese (Happy Chinese New Year), and crisps. 

It’s so refreshing to not have to think about doing anything wedding related. I love planning our wedding, don’t get me wrong. But days like today I am more than happy to spend it watching Netflix, and counting down the days till we see Mr Grey! Woohoo! 

I also spend days like this writing my book, being physically able to clear my mind of my thoughts is amazing. After I’ve done a good writing session, my mind feels like I’ve been to a spa!

So what are you waiting for? Forget the calories, yes your dress will fit (the amount of stress us brides go through, our dresses will fit), grab the chocolate, order the biggest feast you’ve seen, put on a film and enjoy!

Ta-rah abit!

I just love Fudge!!!

I just love Fudge!!!

It’s too big…

“It’s too big”

Yep, that’s right, I got told my five inch invitation was too big and would require a large letter stamp at a wonderful price of 96p.

Of course I am being sarcastic over the price bit, as when you are having to post invitations and there’s over 15 of them, then you are getting into some serious money.

Finally completed our invitations, signed, sealed and almost delivered I took them down to my local post office to send them off on their merry way. Upon arrival I asked for a book a first class stamps. Only for the woman behind the counter to pull out this plastic sign that measures letters, and try to push my invitation through the world’s smallest gap.

“It’s too big, you need to get a large stamp”.

HOW IS IT TOO BIG? It’s five inches in size.

“The middle part wont fit through the hole” At this point she was on about the twine in the middle of my invitation.


Just going to make this clear my invitation was small enough to fit through my letter box, my neighbours letterbox and everyone else letterboxes that have successfully received my invitation.

Even my diary is bigger!

Even my diary is bigger!

Anyway, this disagreement happened twice, as I forgot to post half of them (trust me it happens when you’re a bride). Both times, I ended up walking out baffled as to why my invitation is classed as a large letter when it’s tiny!

Sometimes I am so weak!

Look how big that stamp is compared to the actual invitation!

Look how big that stamp is compared to the actual invitation!

Wedding Stress…It’s Got Me

At some point of being engaged and planning a wedding brides will develop a pain.

And no it’s not your husband to be playing games constantly, nodding to every wedding related question.

Let me describe it for you,

You can’t sleep as you just realised there is exactly 5 months and 30 days till your wedding.

So you lie there thinking, going hmmm okay great…yep…oh hell no..nope…just no. 

You then make a littleish list in your mind of what needs to be done, you then pass out from exhaustion as its 4am.

Wake up feeling fresh as a daisy, then bam this weird throbbing pain starts attacking your head.  Your head is still processing wedding thoughts, your chest feels tight and you can’t breath as anxiety hits you, then stress follows shortly afterwards.

Next thing your sensitive to lights and sounds and you feel sick at the sight of the food. You panic you don’t have enough time.

Trust me you have enough time. 

Welcome migraine. Please do attack my head violently, put me to bed and dose me up on painkillers.

So as I’m writing this today I am currently in bed, taking it slow, just about able to cope with light and decided to sort out my diary and write a to do list.

I have no reason to stress as everything is under control, but yet my mind thinks otherwise.

Maybe this is why there are wedding planners!

And one, two three, and out one, two, three. 

Oh hi there Cinders!

Oh hi there Cinders!


Going round in circles

Several times these past two weeks I have tried calling my local registry office to book an appointment to give notice.

On all occasions I kept on getting diverted to a recorded message asking would I like to pay a council tax bill?

No I do not!!

How can making an appointment to give notice and paying a council tax bill get misled as being the same?

Just how is that possible?

Is this how married life starts? You say I do and the council chases you for money?

I just wanted to give notice.

On my way to the registry office, I got lost and ended up going round the roundabout twice.

Today has just been mentally tiring!


A Chain Reaction…

These past two weeks I have been non stop running around wild like a lost animal.

After having a week off work, I made sure I would get my bridesmaids and maid of honour dresses.

It’s only because they keep on going on at me reminding me they are still dress-less, and would like to have them sooner rather than later. And here is me constantly thinking bridesmaids dresses, food, sleep, bridesmaids dresses, food, sleep, dresses, bridesmaids sleep and food. 

January was always going to be the month I would take my beautiful girls out to find the perfect dresses, but you try getting five people free at the same time…that in itself is hard work and requires very advanced planning.

But on a cold frosty morning, we ventured to our local shopping centre, hurried through the doors and was instantly carrying at least 10 dresses!!! There I was falling over, could bearly see through the mountain of dresses, trying to pull up my ever so loose and old faded jeans before everyone got more than they bargained for!

To my surprise the first dress they tried on was the one!! It was like Cinderella and the glass slipper.

After being talked into a credit account with a said shop (which lets face it no one wants) I have everyones dresses….except my maid of honour.

A trip to Telford soon solved this situation and same thing again, first dress was the one! I could jump up for joy and kiss someone!!

Then my mom found her perfect outfit first time, then my moms friend found her outfit. I was like what is going on? THIS NEVER HAPPENS? 

Pinch me I’m dreaming!!!

Then it leads me to today, my nan decides she now needs her outfit, so back to the shopping centre we go and bam found the perfect dress again!

I was so sure, this would be so much harder than it was…heck the invitations were harder than this!!

Anywho, I’m off to dive my face into a lovely chinese curry!

Like I was going to show you all the dresses!! Ha! No!!

Like I was going to show you all the dresses!! Ha! No!!