I Solemnly Promise…

“Solemnly – Basically you’re taking an oath, and you’re promising the hell out of it”

I get it, I’m getting married and need to be prepared and organised.

Plan ahead, think first and delegate funds.

We have a spreadsheet, or two, or three, or four well maybe six. I’ve actually lost count, in all honesty. There’s just so many floating around, mentally screaming at me, when I go to buy a dress “nooo Danielle the spreadsheet said no”

“Shut up spreadsheet you’re not the boss of me”

I have nothing against the spreadsheets that my partner created, when we had one I was like great we are soooo super organised. 

But now, well now we have one for the honeymoon, one for the wedding, one for the guests, and one for……I don’t actually remember.

Every single week, I hear this voice “how are we doing we keeping up with the spreadsheets darling?”

Darling? Really? Don’t sweet talk me when you know I hate, yes that’s right hate, the word spreadsheet.

Let’s be truthful here, they have helped massively and we have stayed on track, but I just want to go on a huge spending spree! Of course I recommend them to all brides and grooms to be, it’s the only way to stay on top of things.

So don’t worry If I can keep up with them, so can you! Yes it may mean cutting back on the buying, It will be worth it.

But I promise, when this wedding is done, I Danielle will solemnly promise to burn the spreadsheets!

And so the nightmares continue,

With 6 months to go before the big day where I say I Do, I’m lost in a space of nightmares.

As I’m sure…well hoping most brides have experienced these kind of dreams.

Planning a wedding actually sends you crazy. You start having delusional dreams and thoughts and I just know there going to get worse.

“Bridezilla alert!” 

There’s no reason for them to get better.

Last nights nightmare:

It was my wedding day, I looked pretty damn hot in my dress, I was the queen of all dresses, my ass looked amazing. Soon ruined when my other half sees me in the dress before the ceremony! LIKE WHAT?? Just why? 

I am superstitious and this is just a horrible thought.

It get’s worse…

We had no table centre pieces, just a glass dome with a scary doll in, the room looked bare and empty.


We forgot to send out the evening invitations and no one turned up!!!

It was just me and my other half and we desperately tried to resolve the situation by emailing everyone!

There was no positive side to this nightmare.

I’m just going to hide under the duvet today!


The Day After The Night Before!

Hopefully I’m not the only one who has been here in this situation. It’s awkward, not quite sure what to do? Who to turn to? The embarrassment sets in.

Of course I’m on about  when you wear brand new shoes and they shred your feet!

On Friday I went to a family wedding reception and decided to wear flats as in my words ” they won’t hurt my feet and I can walk like an angel in them”. I put on my new dress (which I forgot to take a picture of), checked myself out in the mirror, decided I look pretty damn hot, kind of gave myself a nice high five, flicked my hair and walked out the door.

Two hours in and my feet felt like they were on fire. Generally thought someone had come along and set them alight, either that or I put so much fake tan on, my feet just automatically set on fire from being too orange.

At this point I wasn’t sure if I would last the night, or whether someone would have to carry me. And before you say awh you have a nice loving partner to carry you. No no! No I didn’t he was too wasted to put a sentence together let alone walk.

The end of the night finally approached, I let out a slight sigh of relief like phew I made it! I did it. I lasted a whole night of brand new shoes. I still look good and now it’s time to go home. Stumbled into a taxi. As you do, and the relief I felt when I took off those shoes was like someone had just gave me 32 bars of kinder chocolate ( I know I’m not alone on that one).

Woke up the next morning, and my feet were so sore. Felt like I spent a month in the blazing hot sun. My poor feet were cut and blistered!  I’m walking around the house, feeling sorry for myself, debating whether I could go out in slippers or whether that’s borderline crazy. And to make matters worse, I had no plasters! None! So I had to result in wearing kids plasters. So everyone here is my kids monkey patterned plaster on my poor foot!

Sorry for those who don't like feet!

Sorry for those who don’t like feet!

Cool right? 

Lesson learnt not to buy £5 shoes from Primark. Ha who I am kidding? of course I haven’t learnt my lesson, I’ll still go buy cheap shoes and play this little scene over and over again, because that’s what girls do…I think.


I love my knee high and over the knee boots!

I love my knee high and over the knee boots! They are the badass of shoes. The shoe which allows you to wear almost anything and it suits. The shoe where you have joy in pulling up the zip knowing your legs will look a whole lot better once on. Yes maybe I am slightly biased, but who cares? Not me!

I have the great pleasure of showing you that you can wear knee high boots with almost anything! Below are a examples in case you were in need of inspiration! Excuse the background it’s been a horrible day and I’m currently suffering from a cold!

The first I’m wearing a dark green high neck jumper from , with a black pair of jeggings from Tesco for £12. The jumper cost me £9.99 and I can vouch for all cold and flu suffers that this is the perfect item. It has kept me warm all day, I’m all flued up and this just makes me feel so cosy, like I could hide in it and sleep all day! It is the jumper that calls to you when you are ill or cold. My over the knee boots are from Just Fab and I paid £9 from their V.I.P membership, ( which I cancelled once I received the boots…shhhh it’s a loop hole).

Jumper: New Look. Jeggings: Tesco. Shoes: Just Fab.

Jumper: New Look. Jeggings: Tesco. Shoes: Just Fab.

The second is a green sweater from Dorothy Perkins, with a jeweled neckline. Complete with the same jeggings and boots from picture one. Sadly the sweater is no longer available to buy, but I paid £5 from the sale and I know there is some similar on the website so it’s worth double checking and keeping an eye out for when they eventually go in sale.

Sweater: Dorothy Perkins. Jeggings: Tesco. Boots: Just Fab

Sweater: Dorothy Perkins. Jeggings: Tesco. Boots: Just Fab

And lastly my special buy, is a skater dress from Tkmaxx, paid £7.99 for the dress and paired it with my over the knee boots from Just Fab. These boots are so comfy, they add a sexy twist to your usual attire and can give anyone the confidence boost they need. Perfect for wearing when the weather is dull, grey and rainy!


Dress: Tkmaxx. Boots: Just Fab.

Dress: Tkmaxx. Boots: Just Fab.

Everything is moving!

So tonight’s post is all about the bargain I’ve got from Newlook. This was supposed to be my other choice from The Wedding Party outfit.  For me this just wasn’t the party dress, it lacked something and I’m not sure what yet.

Its a blue mini dress, with an oval bottom. So the dress is longer on the sides but shorter on the front and back. It is a little bit lose on my so maybe the next size down would of been more fitting.

As much as I love this dress, it is shockingly a bit see through!! It’s from the AX Paris range so I know it will last regardless.

It was £18 and I got it for £12! 


Excuse my picture it’s been one of those nights trust me. It’s took my longer than normal to find the dress on the website. For a second there I thought it had gone out of the sale!! PANIC OVER!



Wedding Party!

This weekend I was invited to my friends evening party after their wedding. It such a lovely night and the first dance is one everyone will remember.

For once I didn’t have a clue what to wear but thanks to my faithful Newlook I found the perfect outfit.


Wedding Party.

Wedding Party.

The dress was £15 in the sale. Unfortunately I can’t find the link to the dress so I’m going to assume It’s and in store only. So go grab it while you can. The dress was really comfy and was the perfect length!  I loved how the sleeves were just lace and 3/4 it was the perfect touch . It was great how it was fitted too.

The shoes were £17.99 in a nice nude colour with a gold strip on the side. What made these shoes have the wow factor is the ankle strap. It was a nice touch to the outfit. Bonus is that they didn’t rub or hurt my feet *happy me*.

Overall, I felt I didn’t need to wear much jewelry so I dressed it with a Pandora charm bracelet.

Coming up…


I will be showcasing my holiday wardrobe where I’ve had over £300.00 worth of clothes for only £100. Kerching!

Your say Summer special part 2.

For the second post i have chosen a dress from H&M. The weather has been rather grand in the UK at the moment so this is the perfect outfit for those beer garden sessions.

If you are going away this summer and want the perfect dress for a walk on the beach, then this orange coloured sleeveless dress is perfect for you.  It is short at the front but longer at the back. Around the neck it has a decorative gold metal fastener. Currently  at £14.99 it is a fabulous price.

I’ve paired with  an online exclusive leather style sandals they have decorative textured straps, and fasten around the ankle for extra style. They only come in a light brown colour but they are easy to pair with other clothing. These are also £14.99 so well worth the money.

In total the outfit comes to £29.98  leaving me with just over £20 change out of my £50 budget.

So enjoy the summer sun and grab a bargain.

The whole outfit is from H&M.

Sunny days.

Sunny days.

Monochrome special!

'Dress me up'

‘Dress me up’

Monochrome Special

As promised I have put an outfit together. But did I forget to mention I’ve put TWO outfits together for the Monochrome trend. I will release the other outfit later on in the evening. Just love surprises!

Firstly I’ve been looking around find good value for money, and of course what is best for the trend. I am pleased to say Peacocks has been my winner of the week. It has some lovely clothing and is reasonably priced.

My first outfit is a lovely black and white spotted panel dress. The style of the dress is perfect for a night out or even a day at the office. The dress has a zip up back which makes it more easier to get on and off! .Currently priced at £20 but if you are student remember you do get discount.

To go with this dress i have matched a pair of black mid heels. The beauty of these is that you can wear them any time with almost anything. They are the shoe that will be your best friend in an emergency. A nice price too at £18.

To accessorize why not try wearing silver coloured jewellery. I wouldn’t wear a necklace as the dress itself gives enough detail around the neck. But bracelets and earrings really give the dress the little touch that it needs to be glamorous. The bracelets are £4 while the earrings are £3.50

The whole outfit came to £45.50 leaving me £4.50 change out of my usual £50.

Love Monochrome?

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