Just Show Me The Truth

“Truth – Depending on the person or oganisation this definition varies”

I’d like to thank the person on facebook, who shared a image of a razor company, giving very little expectations of their product.

You know what is winding me up lately?


I am so sick of adverts aimed at women who hide the truth. For instance, a well know razor company have an advert where they say now a four times a closer shave. You then get a close up of a lady’s leg which is clearly very shaven and smooth, then she proceeds to shave the non exinsistant hair on her legs.

There is no hair, not even one. Just a smooth silky base.


The air that surrounds your leg? 

Do I need a magnifying glass to see the tiny hair on the models leg?

Come on, we all know a woman’s leg grows hair, show me a product that does it’s job, show me a model with hair on her leg. Let me see the difference.

Errgh why are we still trying to shelter the real experiences away from people in the twenty first century?

Are companies so afraid of facing the truth, that they shy away from it?