Wedding Stress…It’s Got Me

At some point of being engaged and planning a wedding brides will develop a pain.

And no it’s not your husband to be playing games constantly, nodding to every wedding related question.

Let me describe it for you,

You can’t sleep as you just realised there is exactly 5 months and 30 days till your wedding.

So you lie there thinking, going hmmm okay great…yep…oh hell no..nope…just no. 

You then make a littleish list in your mind of what needs to be done, you then pass out from exhaustion as its 4am.

Wake up feeling fresh as a daisy, then bam this weird throbbing pain starts attacking your head.  Your head is still processing wedding thoughts, your chest feels tight and you can’t breath as anxiety hits you, then stress follows shortly afterwards.

Next thing your sensitive to lights and sounds and you feel sick at the sight of the food. You panic you don’t have enough time.

Trust me you have enough time. 

Welcome migraine. Please do attack my head violently, put me to bed and dose me up on painkillers.

So as I’m writing this today I am currently in bed, taking it slow, just about able to cope with light and decided to sort out my diary and write a to do list.

I have no reason to stress as everything is under control, but yet my mind thinks otherwise.

Maybe this is why there are wedding planners!

And one, two three, and out one, two, three. 

Oh hi there Cinders!

Oh hi there Cinders!