Just not feeling it…

“I’m too tired to think, let alone plan – Me”

If I’ve learnt one thing from planning a wedding, its that it’s okay to not want to plan. It’s perfectly okay, to say “you know what sod it, pass me those chocolates and wine”.

Because what is the point of planning a wedding, a event which is all about you and your other half if you are going to hate organising it. It is after all your day, and you are supposed to enjoy it.

There will be days where you just want to make it all wedding related, and you will go crazy over the slightest thing. There will be days, when you decide you no longer want that shade of colour for your table sashes, but instead baby pink is the one! There will most definitely be a day or two…maybe a month where you say I can’t plan no more, just leave me here to eat my weight in chocolate, chinese (Happy Chinese New Year), and crisps. 

It’s so refreshing to not have to think about doing anything wedding related. I love planning our wedding, don’t get me wrong. But days like today I am more than happy to spend it watching Netflix, and counting down the days till we see Mr Grey! Woohoo! 

I also spend days like this writing my book, being physically able to clear my mind of my thoughts is amazing. After I’ve done a good writing session, my mind feels like I’ve been to a spa!

So what are you waiting for? Forget the calories, yes your dress will fit (the amount of stress us brides go through, our dresses will fit), grab the chocolate, order the biggest feast you’ve seen, put on a film and enjoy!

Ta-rah abit!

I just love Fudge!!!

I just love Fudge!!!