Forget Valentines When’s Pancake Day?

“Valentines Day – A day for everyone to tell their significant other half just how much they love each other, not like the other 364 days in the year matter”

Ah so the day of love is upon us, and I have to say I don’t celebrate it.


Simply put it, I don’t need one day to tell my other half how much I love him, when I’ve been with him for almost 6 years and I’m happening to marry him in 5 months time. If he doesn’t realise I love him by now, then why an earth are we getting hitched?

We say I love you everyday and why does today have to be any different? My feelings for him don’t alter for one day, they have always been the same since day 1. If anything I love him more and more each day.

Now what I’m waiting for is PANCAKE DAY!!

Give me those luscious sweet pancakes, with lemon, strawberries, chocolate the lot. Yummy! I cannot wait!

Everyone loves pancake day its the best!!!!!

I can always vouch my love for pancakes and will happily celebrate that with pleasure!!

Only 6 days to go!!!!

I Solemnly Promise…

“Solemnly – Basically you’re taking an oath, and you’re promising the hell out of it”

I get it, I’m getting married and need to be prepared and organised.

Plan ahead, think first and delegate funds.

We have a spreadsheet, or two, or three, or four well maybe six. I’ve actually lost count, in all honesty. There’s just so many floating around, mentally screaming at me, when I go to buy a dress “nooo Danielle the spreadsheet said no”

“Shut up spreadsheet you’re not the boss of me”

I have nothing against the spreadsheets that my partner created, when we had one I was like great we are soooo super organised. 

But now, well now we have one for the honeymoon, one for the wedding, one for the guests, and one for……I don’t actually remember.

Every single week, I hear this voice “how are we doing we keeping up with the spreadsheets darling?”

Darling? Really? Don’t sweet talk me when you know I hate, yes that’s right hate, the word spreadsheet.

Let’s be truthful here, they have helped massively and we have stayed on track, but I just want to go on a huge spending spree! Of course I recommend them to all brides and grooms to be, it’s the only way to stay on top of things.

So don’t worry If I can keep up with them, so can you! Yes it may mean cutting back on the buying, It will be worth it.

But I promise, when this wedding is done, I Danielle will solemnly promise to burn the spreadsheets!

The Equivalent Of Nesting

“Nesting- Generally known as going all crazy with cleaning just before a baby arrives. “

And no mom or dad I’m not pregnant before you get all excited!

So all of you have heard of new moms to be, go into nesting, where they start cleaning before the baby is due to arrive. Well today I done the wedding version of nesting and organised everything wedding related!

The sun was shining, so I took this rare opportunity to go into the shed and start putting everything I needed into boxes.

This is really helpful for brides who are doing their own table centre pieces as you can just allocate a box for each table! Like I have done below!

Organised boxes, quiet mind!

Organised boxes, quiet mind!

Three hours later and I have seven boxes filled with all the items I need to make the perfect table centre pieces.

Beautiful cups and saucers, log slices, books you name it I got it!

I would love to show you all the real deal, but I can’t yet as it’s a secret shhhhh.

But for now you can enjoy and ponder with this little snippet!

Oh so pretty! You no have!

Oh so pretty! You no have!

I’ve had so much fun playing with everything, I didn’t realise I have so much stuff! Which is absolutely fine as I’d rather have too much than too little!

Anyone for afternoon tea? Why not I have enough cups and saucers for everyone! 

No filter needed for this beauty!

No filter needed for this beauty!

I feel so relaxed, and well organised!