Morning rituals…

It’s suddenly occurred to me I have a morning ritual when it comes to my dogs.

I get up at 4am for work, my one dog Bonnie will follow me downstairs, dives to the door like she’s never been let out, when just two minutes ago she was snoring, I open the door and let her out.

At 4 am no one is awake! The house is quiet, no one is up in the street and if you are a yorkie owner you know they love to bark! It just comes natural to them.

So when my darling dog goes outside, I pop my head out the door and whisper

“Bonnie don’t bark, don’t bark please, just have a wee and that’s it”.

When I think she is done squeezing every little drop out, she barks!!

Still whispering I go…

“Bonnie no shush, the neighbours will wake, get inside now”.

Every morning this happens!

I then go to my other dog Alfie and go

“Morning Alfie, it’s time to go out”

He is completely oblivious and “pretends” to sleep.

So whilst I’m running wild getting ready, theres me constantly talking to Alfie whilst he lies like this…(picture below)



Now I would just push him out or even pick him up, but he is a Westie and they are so heavy!

The only way to get him outside is coax him by saying this magic sentence.

“If you go outside you can have a bonio”

And off he trots outside, comes back in and I’ll give him his bonio and he waddles off back to bed.

Dogs got me fooled.



I have issues

I have several issues when it comes to being a dog owner….

I can’t stop taking photos of my two fur babies, Β there’re just too cute!

I mean look at their faces, physically hurts to look at the cuteness.

How can you not love them?

Alfie had his first encounter with an orange the other day and just look…


So much concentration.

Yeah I need help.